Monday, November 17, 2014

Kiss of Love

All protesters of Kiss of Love campaign claims it to be against our culture. One needs to think over it twice, is it really so. Does merely displaying out affection more openly destroys our culture. I personally look forward to it as a first step towards having much more affectionate society. We have come to a crosspoint where people have started accepting crimes like molestation, rapes etc as part of the culture, whereas displaying affection is being protested.

What has happened to you my countrymen. Besides display of affection is by no way going to destroy the "actual" culture. This is by no way same as disrespecting elders, or losing any other values that we think of. Accepting the change would infact help boost the bonding young boys / girls have towards their family. I think it is this misinterpretation of culture which has created distance between young boys/girls with their family.

Friends, open your eyes, and use your mind to decide what is right and what is wrong. Please stop taking out your frustrations in the name of culture.

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